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Cary Kennedy’s “big tent party” just got smaller.

Denver, CO- Speaking earlier this year about Democrats for Education Reform, Cary Kennedy claimed that Democrats have a responsibility to include people of different ideologies into their party.

After she became the face of the Democrat State Assembly on Saturday, Cary Kennedy failed to stand up for the exact same minority group when they faced vitriol, rejection, and alienation.

Under proposed legislation, Boulder classifies .22 caliber rifles as assault weapons (Update: Take Action)

Boulder, CO-  An evening city council meeting on April 5th was the first chance that the public had to view proposed legislation on the City of Boulder’s assault weapons ban.  To the dismay of nearly everyone in the room (including one councilman), the drafted ordinance classifies .22 caliber rifles as assault weapons.

Take Action: Help us educate the Boulder City Council!

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Guns & Ammo is the preeminent magazine about firearms, and will help the Boulder City Council better understand how safe, fun and enjoyable shooting sports can be.

Please signup below to help us reach our goal — and reach the city council with some common sense.