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Jared Polis doubled his fortune off the backs of Coloradans

Representative Jared Polis made millions investing in his medical company while helping Democrats pass Obamacare. Now, he wants to lead Colorado. How much will he make on his planned government takeover of Colorado’s healthcare?

Now, even fewer people are welcome in Colorado’s Democratic Party

Aurora, CO- Democrat legislators joined forces with special interest groups and progressive think tanks to declare anyone who has pro-life concerns regarding abortion is NO LONGER WELCOME to call themselves a Democrat. Democrats sure are the big tent party . . . as long as everyone in the tent believes exactly the same thing about everything.

Joe Salazar’s plans for Attorney General

Joe Salazar is willingly admitting that, if elected, he will use his power of “discretion” help kill the Tax Payer Bill of RIghts (TABOR). While the fact that a Democrat doesn’t support TABOR is not surprising, Joe’s shameless plan to abuse the AG office and ignore the will of the people in Colorado certainly is.