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Joe Salazar’s plans for Attorney General

Joe Salazar is willingly admitting that, if elected, he will use his power of “discretion” help kill the Tax Payer Bill of RIghts (TABOR). While the fact that a Democrat doesn’t support TABOR is not surprising, Joe’s shameless plan to abuse the AG office and ignore the will of the people in Colorado certainly is.

Democrat Congressional candidate thinks elk are bulletproof

Democrat Congressional candidate Levi Tillemann Dick believes that elk are immune to the caliber of bullets commonly used in AR-15s. Yes, really.

Please note that it is not advisable to shoot an elk with an AR-15. Elk are clearly not bulletproof. The claims made in this interview are purposefully misleading and should not be tested under any circumstances.

Levi Tillemann Dick walking the Tom Steyer tightrope

Levi Tillemann Dick was a surprising no-show for Tom Steyer’s “Impeach Donald Trump” town hall circus. Is it possible that he’s walking back on his platform to be a more palatable general election candidate?