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Polis Plans to buck voters, impose single-payer healthcare

Boulder, CO- Jared Polis’ new health care plan is adorable.  However, he plans to ditch this plan as soon as it scores him the political points, at which point he will switch to a much more familiar tune.

This March 2018 clip shows Jared Polis in a closed-door delegate strategy meeting, talking about his REAL plans for health care in Colorado.

Jared Polis- a bad faith actor and fake “Problem Solver”

Jared Polis claims to have spent his career in Congress working to find bipartisan solutions that would work for Coloradans and -more generally- for all Americans. He is even a member of a broad coalition known as the Problem Solvers Caucus with fellow Coloradan Rep. Mike Coffman.

While Rep. Coffman and the rest of the Problem Solvers Caucus were working on a solution for DACA, Jared Polis was too busy to contribute to their effort. This video, taken in March 2018, shows Polis trash talking Rep. Coffman on the campaign trail and scoffing at his Spanish accent. T

o Jared, being a part of the Congressional Problem Solvers Caucus was not about finding a solution to DACA or any other issue. It was about a title that he could deceptively wear to campaign events across Colorado, while actively undermining the bipartisan solution.

Jared is a “Problem Solver” in name only and acted in bad faith with his Congresional colleagues.

On what other campaign promises has Jared acted in bad faith?

Jared Polis doubled his fortune off the backs of Coloradans

Representative Jared Polis made millions investing in his medical company while helping Democrats pass Obamacare. Now, he wants to lead Colorado. How much will he make on his planned government takeover of Colorado’s healthcare?